37820-RCA-A56 ECU W/ Immobilizer / Security Programming Honda Accord Blog Detail

37820-RCA-A56 ECU W/ Immobilizer / Security Programming Honda Accord


Check out our plug and play replacement!

Compatible: 2003 Honda Accord

OEM Part Number: 37820-RCA-A56 | 6HEY6Y3A53

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Looking for a plug and play replacement 37820-RCA-A56 ECU? 

Want to avoid costly dealer fees and locksmiths?

We can help! 

This tested replacement ECU comes with an included programming service.

To receive a plug and play ECU that requires no additional programming, we will need your original unit to transfer the data to the replacement.

This will allow you to start your vehicle with your current set of keys without needing to hire a locksmith or pay for dealer programming.

How it works;

  1. Simply remove the computer from vehicle.
  2. Purchase the replacement ECU by clicking the Buy Now button above. (Make sure the replacement matches your original part number)
  3. Package up your original ECU and include the same name used to place the order on or inside the package. That name is your receipt.
  4. Using any shipping service, ship the unit to

Module Mechanics
463688 State Road 200
STE 1-210
Yulee, FL 32097

That’s it, you’re done!

Once we receive your ECU, we will the transfer the data from your original to the replacement you ordered, typically with 24 to 48 hours.

The entire process from start to finish take roughly 5 to 7 business days.

As soon as the replacement has been shipped your way a tracking will be emailed to your inbox.

This unit does include free shipping (you will have to pay to ship your original unit to us) and 2-year warranty hassle free warranty.

“Why do I need programming?”

In a lot of modern vehicles, the computers are programmed using an immobilizer system. Things like the keys, ignition lock modules and computers are all synced.

If you replace a computer without programming the unit first, the vehicle will fail to start – that’s where we come in!

By taking the original data from your old ECU and transferring it to the replacement – you will not have to worry about having to sync up your computer using a local dealer or locksmith since we handle the programming for you saving you 100’s of dollars.

If you have any questions about this unit or anything else, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

-Module Mechanics

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Part Number

37820-RCA-A56, 6HEY6-Y3A53

Other Part Numbers

37820RCAA56, 6HEY6Y3A53

  • 2 Year Money Back Guarantee


Our mission is providing unique and cost saving solutions to combat the automotive industries problematic electronic issues, keeping you in your car, not your wallet. 

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