Our Story

We at Module Mechanics understand the frustration caused by lack of support from dealers and hassles with programming issues. 

We’ve found that consumers vehicles are frequently being turned away from dealers and mechanics because they have no solutions, even vehicles that are less than 10 years old!

You can see this in our local junkyards. Perfectly good vehicles are being crushed simply because they lost a key or a BCM failed!

A vehicle should be seen as an investment that lasts for decades, not just a couple years due to a simple computer fault or lack of parts.

We may not have a repair for every car under the sun but we pride ourselves on being a niche parts repair and wholesaler, really taking the time to perfect repairs and broaden our knowledge on the solutions we offer.

At Module Mechanics we prefer quality over quantity and we are happy to help in any way we can.

Mailed my fried PSOM on Friday, had it back on Wednesday,working perfectly. Great service
D Summa

Why Choose Us

Part Sales

With a consistently updating inventory, the right plug & play ECU, cluster or computer may be waiting for you and within your budget.


Offering GM cluster repairs, Ford PSOM board refurbishing, ECU key programming and more! A service for your module could be available.


All services and replacement parts include a warranty. Always here to help!