37820-PAA-A54 ECU W/ Immobilizer / Security Programming Honda Accord Blog Detail

37820-PAA-A54 ECU W/ Immobilizer / Security Programming Honda Accord
37820-PAA-A54 ECU W/ Immobilizer / Security Programming Honda Accord
37820-PLR-A02 OEM ECU W/ Immobilizer / Security Programming Honda Civic
37820-P8F-A81 W/ PROGRAMMING Honda Odyssey 2002-2004 02 03 04 ECU ECM BCM

37820-PAA-A54 ECU W/ Immobilizer / Security Programming Honda Accord


Check out our plug and play OEM replacement engine computer!

Compatible: 2000 2001 2002 Honda Accord

OEM Part Number: 37820-PAA-A54 | 37820PAAA54

(See description below for more details)

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Compatible: 2000 2001 2002 Honda Accord

OEM Part Number: 37820-PAA-A54 | 37820PAAA54

Looking for a plug and play replacement 37820-PAA-A54 ECU? 

Want to avoid costly dealer programming fees and locksmiths?

We can help! 

This tested replacement engine control unit (ECU) is available with our programming service.

To receive a plug and play replacement ECU that requires no additional programming, we will need your original unit to transfer the data to the replacement.

This process will allow you to start your vehicle with your current set of keys and transfer your VIN to a replacement unit – without needing to hire a locksmith or pay for dealer programming.

How it works:

  1. Simply purchase the replacement ECU by clicking the Buy Now button above.
  2. When packaging your original ECU – include your name and order number provided in the order confirmation email.
  3. Using any shipping service – ship us your original ECU.  Address will be provided via email after checkout. 

✓ That’s it, you’re done!

Once we receive your ECU, we will the transfer the data from your original to the replacement you’ve ordered, typically with 24 to 48 hours.

A tracking number will be emailed to your inbox as soon as the replacement has been shipped.

Re-install and you’re ready to go, no programming or calibration needed.


The entire process from start to finish typically takes 5 to 7 business days including transit times. (From your door to ours, back to yours.)

Our tested, OEM pre-owned units include a hassle free 2-year warranty.

You will receive the exact part number listed, guaranteed.

In most cases we will be able to extract your data regardless of water or flood damage, physical damage, etc.

Since we would be transferring your data from the original unit to the replacement, we do not require your VIN or keys.

Please ensure the unit you send us did at one point start the vehicle. It’s okay if the unit failed and no longer starts the vehicle – as long as it did start prior to failure.

We do not include a shipping label for your original unit, you will have to pay to ship the unit to us. USPS Priority Mail via Flat Rate Box or Envelope would be the quickest and most cost-effective way.

Part numbers are important, be sure to order a replacement that matches your original part number.

Supplies may be limited.

“Why do I need programming?”

In many modern vehicles, components are equipped with a theft deterrent called an immobilizer system. Things like the keys, ignition lock modules and computers are all synced together within the system. If the programming of a component within the immobilizer system doesn’t match the other components of the system – the immobilizer system will not allow your vehicle to start.

The sixth generation Honda Accord was equipped with an immobilizer system starting with its production in 1998.

If you replace an ECU without programming the unit first, the vehicle will fail to start – that’s where we come in!

By taking the original data from your old ECU and transferring it to our replacement ECU– you will not have to worry about programming your computer using local dealers or locksmiths since we handle the programming for you – saving you 100’s sometimes 1000’s of dollars.

Ready to program units: If you’re a locksmith, dealer or mechanic and do not require our included key programming service – we do have ready to program versions available. Just include a note during checking asking for a “ready to program” unit and include the VIN you want programmed. This unit will be programmed to your VIN and key ready, enabled to be programmed to any key – provided you have the tools to do so.

Note: Ready to program units will require tools for programming, this is not a self-programming unit. (Delivery may take up to 7 business days)

Technician’s Notes: 

Some common symptoms of a bad ECU include:

  • Rough idle
  • Cylinder misfire
  • Poor acceleration
  • Not found via OBD
  • A/C no longer functions
  • Failure or difficult to start
  • Fault codes that will not clear
  • Transmission shifting problems

Other acronyms for the Engine Computer: ECU Engine Control Unit – ECM Engine Control Module – BCM Body Control Module – PCM Power Control Module

OEM Meaning: Original Equipment Manufacturer – our units are factory original units.

We understand for some, a vehicle is part of the family. Our mission is to get your vehicle back on the road by offering quick and cost-effective solutions.

If you have any questions about this unit or anything else, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

-Module Mechanics

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2000, 2001, 2002





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  • 2 Year Money Back Guarantee


Our mission is providing unique and cost saving solutions to combat the automotive industries problematic electronic issues, keeping you in your car, not your wallet. 

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