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1997-2004 Chevrolet C5 Corvette Climate Control HVAC A/C Repair Service

$100.00 $79.00

Check out our C5 Corvette climate control module repair!

Fits: 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 and 2004 Chevrolet Corvette

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Is your (HVAC) climate control display no longer working or too dim to read? 

We can help! 

Simply send in your Corvette’s climate control unit and let us rebuild it for you. (See how below)

This service will repair your dead or dim display and replace your night illumination back lighting with higher wattage bulbs, keeping that factory look at night but ensuring the bulbs will out last the longevity of the original bulbs by far.

Our repair service is a cheaper alternative to a replacement, saving you money and allowing you to keep your original parts.

A hassle free 2-year warranty and 24 -48-hour turnaround time is included with every repair.

Our service only includes return shipping (you must pay to ship the unit to us as we do not include a shipping label)

Each unit will be fully repaired and thoroughly tested before being returned.

To send your unit in for service please follow these steps;

  1. Remove the climate control unit from your Corvette.
  2. Purchase the service by clicking the Buy Now button Above. (Pre-paying for the service will speed up handling times)
  3. Include the same name used to place the order on or inside the package. That name is your receipt.
  4. Using any shipping service, ship the unit to

Module Mechanics
6732 W. Coal Mine Ave
STE 511
Littleton, CO 80123

✓ That’s it, you’re done!

When we receive the unit, we will repair and ship it back within 24-48 hours.

A tracking will be emailed to your inbox as soon as the repair has been completed.

Re-install and you’re ready to go, no programming or calibration needed.

Technician’s notes:

The C5 Corvette was definitely a powerhouse but as with anything there were weak spots, the climate control unit was one of those spots.

The dim/dead display issues and poor-quality backlight bulbs is becoming more of a problem as time goes on.

If you are experiencing other issues other than what’s listed, reach out to us. We might be able to help with other less common issues such as the driver side knob not registering when turned, button replacements, etc. for an additional fee.

As far as the passenger side knob goes, keep in mind that knob is a different type of knob then the driver. It’s not digital like the driver temp selector knob. The temp does not register on the display for passenger temperature control and it does not spin all the way around like the driver. If you are having issues with temp selection such as selecting heat but cold comes out, check your blend door motors first.

Intermittent problems are very common.  It’s not unusual for symptoms to appear one day and disappear the next.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions, we are always here to help!

-Module Mechanics

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1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004





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Part Numbers

16254311, 09380441, 09356081, 09352181, 16256018, 10436062, 16255791, 16204571, 10345293


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C5 Corvette Climate Control Repair
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