1994-1999 Toyota Celica Engine Computer ECU Repair Service Blog Detail

1994-1999 Toyota Celica Engine Computer ECU Repair Service
1994-1999 Toyota Celica Engine Computer ECU Repair Service
1994-1999 Toyota Celica Engine Computer ECU Repair Service

1994-1999 Toyota Celica Engine Computer ECU Repair Service

$199.95 $129.94

Toyota Celica having engine control issues?

Check out our engine control (ECU) rebuild service for

Toyota Celica 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999 years.

Available for all transmissions, engine sizes and trims.

(See description below for more details)

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Is your Toyota Celica suffering from the following issues? 

  • No OBD Communication
  • Check engine light on with no codes present
  • “Limp” mode or transmission shifting erratically
  • Flashing airbag light 
  • Cruise control inoperable 
  • Tachometer (RPM) and speed incorrect or dead
  • A/C compressor not working / flashing defog light
  • Hard starting issues / rough engine idle
  • Engine won’t rev or bogged down
  • Random fault codes

We can help! 

Simply send us your engine control unit (ECU) and let us rebuild it for you. (See how below)

Our repair service is a cheaper alternative to a replacement, saving you money and allowing you to keep your original parts.


A hassle free 2-year warranty and 24 -48-hour turnaround time is included with every repair.

The entire process from start to finish typically takes 5 to 7 business days including transit times. (From your door to ours, back to yours.)

This service only includes return shipping (you must pay to ship the unit to us, we do not include a shipping label)

To send your unit in for service please follow these steps;

  1. Remove your ECU from the vehicle.
  2. Purchase the service by clicking the Buy Now button Above. (Pre-paying for the service will speed up handling times)
  3. Include the same name used to place the order on or inside the package. That name is your receipt.
  4. Using any shipping service, ship the unit to

Module Mechanics
6732 W. Coal Mine Ave
STE 511
Littleton, CO 80123

✓ That’s it, you’re done!

Once we receive the unit it will be repaired and returned via USPS Priority mail within 24-48 hours.

A tracking will be emailed to your inbox as soon as the repair has been completed.

Re-install and you’re ready to go, no programming or calibration needed.

Technician’s notes:

Toyota’s answer to a dependable sports car the Celica had a long production run from 1970 to 2006. This tried and true model is as reliable as it is fun, but age takes its toll.  Components such as computers can leave us scratching our head due to erratic symptoms. This computer commonly suffers from capacitor failure and corrosion.

When capacitors age they basically dry out keeping the computer from functioning properly, causing intermittent issues and sometimes corosion.

As rare as these units are becoming our service is a great place to start when diagnosing a no start issue and since age is a catalyst to capacitor failure, our service is a great preventative measure against further damage.

Other acronyms commonly used for the Engine Computer: ECU Engine Control Unit – ECM Engine Control Module – BCM Body Control Module – PCM Power Control Module

Part numbers 89661-2B680 | 89661-2B670 | 89661-2D290 | 89661-20690 | 89661-2G110 | 89661-2G261 | 89661-2D860 | 89661-2G281 | 89661-2D410 | 89661-2B770 | 89661-2G280 | 89661-2D440 | 89661-2D460 | 89661-2D691 | 89661-2D700 | 89661-2D710 | 89661-2D721 | 89661-2G031 | 89661-2D720 | 89661-2D870 | 89661-2G041 | 89661-2B780 | 89661-2B690 | 89661-2D450 | 89661-2G120 | 89661-2D430 | 89661-2G271 | 89661-2G291 | 89661-2D300 | 89661-2B700 896612B680 | 896612B670 | 896612D290 | 8966120690 | 896612G110 | 896612G261 | 896612D860 | 896612G281 | 896612D410 | 896612B770 | 896612G280 | 896612D440 | 896612D460 | 896612D691 | 896612D700 | 896612D710 | 896612D721 | 896612G031 | 896612D720 | 896612D870 | 896612G041 | 896612B780 | 896612B690 | 896612D450 | 896612G120 | 896612D430 | 896612G271 | 896612G291 | 896612D300 | 896612B700 (if you don’t see your part number – it’s okay – as long as it’s between the years 1994-1999)

We understand for some, a vehicle is part of the family. Our mission is to get your vehicle back on the road by offering quick and cost-effective solutions.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions, we are always here to help!

-Module Mechanics

Additional information


1994, 1999





Part Number

89661-2B680, 89661-2B670, 89661-2D290, 89661-20690, 89661-2G110, 89661-2G261, 89661-2D860, 89661-2G281, 89661-2D410, 89661-2B770, 89661-2G280, 89661-2D440, 89661-2D460, 89661-2D691, 89661-2D700, 89661-2D710, 89661-2D721, 89661-2G031, 89661-2D720, 89661-2D870, 89661-2G041, 89661-2B780, 89661-2B690, 89661-2D450, 89661-2G120, 89661-2D430, 89661-2G271, 89661-2G291, 89661-2D300, 89661-2B700

Other Numbers

896612B680, 896612B670, 896612D290, 8966120690, 896612G110, 896612G261, 896612D860, 896612G281, 896612D410, 896612B770, 896612G280, 896612D440, 896612D460, 896612D691, 896612D700, 896612D710, 896612D721, 896612G031, 896612D720, 896612D870, 896612G041, 896612B780, 896612B690, 896612D450, 896612G120, 896612D430, 896612G271, 896612G291, 896612D300, 896612B700

  • 2 Year Money Back Guarantee


Our mission is providing unique and cost saving solutions to combat the automotive industries problematic electronic issues, keeping you in your car, not your wallet. 

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