PSOM Repair 1992-1997 Ford F150 F250 F350 F450 F550 | Gauge Cluster Repair Service
PSOM Repair 1992-1997 Ford F150 F250 F350 F450 F550 | Gauge Cluster Repair Service
PSOM Repair 1992-1997 Ford F150 F250 F350 F450 F550 | Gauge Cluster Repair Service
PSOM Repair 1992-1997 Ford F150 F250 F350 F450 F550 | Gauge Cluster Repair Service
PSOM Repair 1992-1997 Ford F150 F250 F350 F450 F550 | Gauge Cluster Repair Service

PSOM Repair 1992-1997 Ford F150 F250 F350 F450 F550 | Gauge Cluster Repair Service


F-Series truck experiencing rough shifting issues?

Speedometer needle bouncing?

Check out our PSOM repair service!

24 – 48 hour turnaround!

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Is your F Series having any of these issues? 

  • Speedometer needle bounces, wavers, or fluctuates more than 3 MPH
  • Harsh / delayed transmission shifts
  • Rough shifting sending transmission into limp mode
  • Code 452 stored in memory
  • Over drive light flashing on shifter
  • Speedometer completely dead
  • Odometer screen is blank / not showing numbers
  • Odometer or speedometer intermittently working
  • Odometer reads ERROR
  • Speedometer needle not calibrated
  • Rough idle
  • Transmission dropping in and out of neutral
  • ABS light on
  • Transmission in and out of limp mode
  • No tire calibrations left**

We can help! 

Simply send your PSOM in and let us rebuild it for you. (See how below)

Our PSOM repair service is a cheaper alternative to a replacement, saving you money and allowing you to keep your original mileage.


A hassle free 2-year warranty and 24 -48-hour turnaround time is included with every repair.

The entire process from start to finish typically takes 5 to 7 business days including transit times. (From your door to ours, back to yours.)

Our service only includes return shipping (you must pay to ship the unit to us, we do not include a shipping label)

Each PSOM unit will be fully repaired and thoroughly tested before being returned. Due to intermittent issues we do not test units before servicing, only after the repair.

If for any reason you need the unit tested before servicing, please state so in the order notes during checkout. We will email you with any issues we were able to find.

Mileage and tire calibration will stay the same after the repair. If the unit was not powering on before the service, the mileage will be the same as it was before it died.

Burnt out backlight illumination bulbs will be replaced as well. Please keep in mind this does not include warning indicator bulbs, only night illumination bulbs.

We do not require the entire cluster. You may send just the PSOM board by itself or the PSOM board attached to the speedometer.

You may still send the entire cluster if you are uncomfortable removing the PSOM from the unit.

Need a faster option? Check out our replacement PSOMs that ship within 24 to 48 hours.


To send your unit in for service please follow these steps;

  1. Remove the gauge cluster from vehicle. (Optional) Send PSOM (board attached to speedometer) removed from the cluster for cheaper shipping and less damage risk.
  2. Purchase the service by clicking the Buy Now button Above. (Pre-paying for the service will speed up handling times)
  3. Include the same name used to place the order on or inside the package. That name is your receipt.
  4. Using any shipping service, ship the unit to

Module Mechanics
6732 W. Coal Mine Ave
STE 511
Littleton, CO 80123

✓ That’s it, you’re done!

When we receive the unit, we will repair and ship it back within 24-48 hours.

A tracking will be emailed to your inbox as soon as the repair has been completed.

Re-install and you’re ready to go, no programming or calibration needed.

Since all PSOM issues are repaired, we do not require notes or details about symptoms. We just need the PSOM and named used to place the order.


Repair Service: This option will fix all the issues stated above as part of our full service but does not include replacing the LCD (odometer display). 

Repair + LCD Replacement: We will replace your defective LCD / odometer display. Perfect for bleeding or sun damaged odometers. 

Repair + Mileage or KM Correction: If mileage adjustment is needed along with our full rebuild service, choose this option and include the mileage needed to be programmed in the notes box during checkout. Mileage may very within 900 miles of desired value. (**We will also reset you tire calibrations to the full 6 attempts – 94-97 years only)

Repair + LCD Repair + Mileage Correction: We will replace your LCD / odometer display along with our full rebuild service and include our mileage correction service. (Include the mileage needed in the notes box during checkout.)

Technician’s notes:

The Programmable Speedometer Odometer Module a.k.a. the PSOM – located inside your instrument gauge cluster attached behind the speedometer – is responsible for converting the vehicle speed sensor (VSS) into a square wave. This wave instructs the computer when to shift the transmission. When the PSOM is defective due to aging components, corrosion, solder, etc. the wave will be corrupted or missing altogether. This will cause your transmission to shift erratically or jump hard in and out of gear.

Intermittent problems are very common with a defective PSOM. It’s not uncommon for symptoms to appear one day and disappear the next.

If your vehicle speed sensor (VSS) signal is present and moving your speedometer needle but a signal is not passing though the PSOM, your issue is most likely the PSOM.

Don’t let harsh shifting ruin your E40D transmission!

We’ve had a very high success rate repairing this board. If you are experiencing any these symptoms listed above (not all symptoms have to be present), the PSOM is the most likely culprit.

Since age is the main cause of failure having the board rebuilt makes for good preventive maintenance.

We do not require the entire cluster, only the PSOM board. You may send just the board or the speedometer with the board attached.


To remove the unit from the truck, remove the dash bezel surrounding the cluster. No screws but be careful it can be fragile due to sun damage. Then remove the 4 screws holding the cluster in place. On the bottom of the cluster towards the center you can use a deep socket to remove the 2 bolts holding in your PRND123 selector indicator. Then remove the 3 plugs from the back of the cluster, make sure the 2 side plugs are pulled straight out and both top and bottom clips pushed in at the same time.

To remove the PSOM from the cluster, simply unscrew the lens with the black housing away from the cluster. Pull the gauge pods away from the cluster (left and right of the speedometer. You do not need to remove needles; the gauges simply pull away from the cluster in sections and the speedometer will loosely pull away from the cluster.

We understand for some, a vehicle is a part of the family. That’s why our mission is to get your vehicle back on the road by offering quick and cost-effective solutions.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions, we are always here to help!

-Module Mechanics


Additional information


1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997




F150, F250, F350, F450, F550, XL, XLT, Eddie Bauer, SVT Lightning, 4×4 Offroad

Engine Size

4.9L (300 cid) I6 – 5.0L (302 cid) V8 – 5.8L (351 cid) V8 7.5L (460 cid) – 7.3L (444 cid) Power Stroke or IDI Diesel

Part Numbers

F6TF-10C956-AA, F4TF-10C956-C, F2TF-10848-AA, F4TF-10849-DC, F4TF-10C956-B, F6TF-10849-GE, F2TF-10C956-B, F6TF-10849-AE, F2UF-10848-AA, F3TF-10C956-A, F6TF-10849-AA, F4TF-10849-BD, F4TF-10894-FC, F2TF-10C956-A, F6TF-10849-EF, F5UF-14A608-AA, PWB-3855, F3UF-14A608-DA, PWB-2256, F2UF-14A608-BD, PWB-1471, F2UF-14A608-BE, PWB-1769, F2TF-17282-A, F2TF-10E853-AE

Other Part Number(s)

F6TF10C956AA, F4TF10C956C, F2TF10848AA, F4TF10849DC, F4TF10C956B, F6TF10849GE, F2TF10C956B, F6TF10849AE, F2UF10848AA, F3TF10C956A, F6TF10849AA, F4TF10849BD, F4TF10894FC, F2TF10C956A, F6TF10849EF, F5UF14A608AA, PWB3855, F3UF14A608DA, PWB2256, F2UF14A608BD, PWB1471, F2UF14A608BE, PWB1769, F2TF17282A, F2TF10E853AE


Repair Service, Repair Service + Mileage Correction, Repair Service + LCD Replacement, Repair Service + LCD + Mileage

  • 2 year warranty included with purchase, optional 5 year available.
  • Warranty will begin on the day tracking confirms delivery.
  • We do not reimburse for shipping and/or labor costs.
  • Return shipping labels are not currently provided.
  • Some units may not be repairable due to age, wear, symptoms or previous repair attempts.
  • For simplicity and fairness, we will not impose a diagnosis fee for unrepairable units.
  • Warranty work may not be available for some units & a refund will be offered instead.
  • Buyer assumes all responsibility confirming part function after installation & during road use.
  Having an issue? We’re here to help! Email us:


Our mission is providing unique and cost saving solutions to combat the automotive industries problematic electronic issues, keeping you in your car, not your wallet. 

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